Make your own stylus for ipad

Hey!!!  what sup
if you are the one who have an iPad and you need to play along with any creative apps such as “Sketch Book” or  Drawing Pad but your finger isn’t a good way for drawing on iPad, as you know it already have a stylus on ipad but it just expensive and if you can afford to buy it you will know it sticky and not responding much …. but now you can make your own stylus as you like …woow  that Great 
First we need to prepare some stuff 
                                          1. Any pen that you like 
                                          2. Foil sheet for Oven
                                          3. Glues
                                          4. anything that can cut (eg. Knife or scissor )
                                          5. a Bubble Wrap
Ok… if you get it let’s start…
Cut one of the bubble wrap we will make a nip of stylus and then stick on your pen (don’t for get to cutting your pen head to make it flat)
Then Wrap it with aluminium foil and cover with very thin soft surface 
(any kind it can be thin sponge to   toilet paper)
Finally Testing … My one it’s Work…
Easy right…. Have fun

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